Nordic Seminar 2018

Nordic2018 poster - Northern light.svg

The Swedish Association of Sign Language Interpreters (STTF) is proud to host next year’s Nordic Seminar in Umeå (Sweden). The event will take place from the 22nd to 25th of February 2018.

Following the conference theme, we will search for ways to bridge the gap between the field of sign language interpreting research and the profession itself. Researchers are breaking new ground every day coming up with theories, models and new understandings of our profession. But how accessible are these findings? And how is the profession using this research as a tool for further development? How are theoretical models and interpreting theories used in interpreter training as tools for career-long learning for interpreter students? This years Nordic Seminar will try to provide practical and theoretical tools for researchers as well as for practitioners.

The aim of this conference is to make academic research more accessible for practicing interpreters and teachers as well as making the practice of interpreting a tool for researchers and academics.



Are you or your organisation interested in sponsoring the conference? Please send us an email at for more information!