Gavin Lilleys kursupplägg

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Gavin Lilley

är komiker och kursledare i internationella tecken från England, numera bosatt i Finland.
Du kanske har sett hans sketcher på facebook?
Under tolv år har Gavin lärt ut och undervisat om internationella tecken
till nära 400 kursdeltagare
och nu har turen kommit till oss!
Gavin Lilley tolkas till svenskt teckenspråk



10:00 Välkomnande och praktisk information

10:15 Workshop med Gavin Lilley

12:00 Lunch

13:00-14:30 Årsmöte 

14:30 Fika

15:00-17:00 Fortsättning med Gavin Lilley samt kortare föreläsning




Europe is fast becoming increasingly multi-cultural and this looks set to continue. From immigrants to European workers from the ‘new EU’ countries, a new wave of deaf internationals are moving to live, study and work in other countries, but can struggle to access opportunities and services without adequate language skills. Learning International Sign is the key way to embrace them and overcome these initial communication barriers – a unique skill which will become increasingly in demand.

We are delighted to introduce an ‘International Sign’ workshop. The course is recommended for those who already have advanced skill in any sign language. Those who use Sign Language in work or at home on a daily basis (such as SL interpreters and Deaf people) would benefit from this course. This workshop aims to expand participants’ use of their visual language strategies and be able to grasp a working knowledge of International Sign (IS).
The workshop will look at the fundamental concepts and strategies of using IS and challenge participants in tasks that reflect real-life situations. Starting with the basics of using it as a contact language, participants will move on to learn translation and interpreting strategies with people from other cultural and language backgrounds.

Learning Outcomes
This workshop aims to introduce competent users of any one signed language, such as Sign Language interpreters, to expand their use of the visual vernacular and be able to grasp a basic understanding of International Sign.

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of the international history of Sign Languages and how past events have had implications on sign language structure and grammar across nations.
  • Gain an insight in how International Sign works and how to overcome cultural barriers.
  • Be able to step from reliance on a certain Sign Language or verbal expressions and convey dialogue using visual and globally recognised signs and gesture.
  • Achieve new standards in translation, conversation, presentation and receptive skills, with both their own signed language as well as in International Sign.
  • Participants will have the confidence to start working in international settings.


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